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Courage to strengthen

Sometimes you meet someone that shows remarkable courage in the face of obstacles and it is so apparent that through their story the truth of God’s love is being multiplied.  I just wanted to write a quick note about one of those kind of people in my life.

I have a friend and her name is Marlene.  A year prior to last October she was in the hospital and given a 20% chance to live.  She had been faithfully attending our bible study for as long as I could remember and we were of course shocked by the news.  Nonetheless, we took it on ourselves that we would pray her back to the group.

Slowly over the course of many months she recovered and was able to go home, and her biggest prayer was always to be able to return to the small group.   Then one day we are all there and in walks Marlene… our hearts were so overjoyed at seeing her and the miracle God had done through our prayers.   She told of the great support she had received from so many people and how it had touched so many people’s lives.

Recently Marlene was back in the hospital again and I had a chance to go visit her.  While it was heart-breaking to see her there it was remarkable to see her courage in the face of more obstacles.  I wondered how she was able to do it, and she reminded me that God had given her peace.   I just want to end and thank God for my friend Marlene and the example she has shown everyone in the face of struggle.

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