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How to accomplish difficult things

Life is hard, and a lot of times there are things we want to do that get put off or dismissed because they seem too hard or too scary.  There could even be an answer to a problem we’ve faced that is only a few decisions away but if we can’t take the first step then it won’t be possible to get there.

I believe God is teaching me to follow the prayer+faith method, and I want to give two cases of how this can be applied.

Case #1: The task is scary but there is a single step to take to accomplish the task, such as writing an email, making a phone call, etc.

In this case God has taught me that I can pray for his help (seems obvious), but then instead of just waiting I need to act on what I prayed about.   This acting takes faith that God will “show up” and help.   Since as a Christian I believe he is my provider, is all knowing, etc. I can believe that he knows the best way to handle the situation and it’s well within his ability.   It also is a way to release the outcome into his hands which is definitely freeing (fear/worry have no place when trusting God).

Case #2: The task is too scary or seems too impossible to even consider.  This is the realm of “it is beyond reach”

I think what God has taught me here is that he knows a way around my fear.   I don’t have to know how or what step to take, just give the fear/impossible task to God and believe they he knows a way around it.  Something as simple as:

Lord, I want to give you my dream of _____ that is too scary for me.  Thank you that you know a way around my fear.   Help me to believe (faith) you have good plans for me.

By releasing it into God’s hands I don’t have to carry the burden of it, and also can be assured that God will answer.

Example from my life:
For the longest time I wanted to fly remote control electric planes, but I was always scared of the volatility of the batteries.   Basically the LiPo batteries you use can blow up if charged incorrectly and just the thought of handling them was enough for me to not want to even try flying.

So one day a few months ago I was in the hobby shop and for some reason decided to buy a Sekhoi electric plane, even though I knew I didn’t want to deal with the batteries.   I brought the plane home and it sat on the floor in my living room for about a month.   I would walk by and look at it like it would blow up if I touched the box.   Sometimes I would just stare at it and wonder how I would ever be able to fly it.

Eventually I realized I had to try and force myself through the fear.  I thought of buying a huge ceramic pot with sand in it to charge the batteries in, or a LiPo safe bag, or other things… but in my head they all had flaws and they weren’t good enough to keep me safe.  So, I went round and round and got no answer and became more and more frustrated.

At some point one morning I felt like God said “believe that I will win.”   I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly but I started to rant and rave about everything being so difficult and hard and why God wasn’t helping.  This went on most of the day until later that night when I felt led to check online for a solution.  I soon found something called a Bat-safe charging box that you could rig up to your charger.  It was explosion-proof and would prevent any property damage if the battery exploded.   I couldn’t believe it… this was a perfect solution and God had known all along.

A few weeks later I had the charging box and was ready to fly…


… and I’ve been enjoying the thrill of r/c electric flight ever since!

Fear is definitely my biggest challenge, but I’m really thankful that God always knows a way around my fear.   Also the fact that God is capable of bringing good things into my life even if it’s challenging to get there gives me a lot of hope.   And, I hope this brings encouragement to you too!



2 thoughts on “How to accomplish difficult things

  1. The spirit of fear is not of God so releasing that fear an asking God to help is believing that he can fix it for our good an showing us he can do all this no weapon formed against us shall prosper amen

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